Supranational Democracy Dialogue.

MW 2.10

1st edition, Lecce – April 26-27, 2018




 A Dialogue among Scholars, Civil Society and Creative Thinkers on Democratic Solutions to Global Challenges


The University of Salento will host a two-day event – the Supranational Democracy Dialogue– aimed at bringing together scholars of any background, NGO leaders, political activists, businessmen and all sort of innovative thinkers to discuss the big challenges that humanity is currently facing.

The main focus is on global governance, or better democratic global governance (a much less explored topic).

The event originates from the awareness that the most relevant political issues, nowadays, are – for size and complexity – out of reach of national states and need global solutions, after open inclusive debates.

Moreover, the unprecedented interconnectedness of the human family – together with the current level of technological development – has created virtual spaces where ideas can be exchanged and new democratic tools can be tested.

To involve civil society and practitioners, we invited to contribute people interested in four main issues, perfect as case studies on global governance: international migration policy and refugee protection; consequences and effects of climate change; fair-trade and sustainable development; the impact of innovation and disruptive technologies.

It came as a surprise to receive many abstracts about cross-cutting theoretical topics so, the final program was re-imagined to match the great suggestions received, to host sessions on the future of democracy (from local to global), on the reform of global institutions, on development and new technologies, on migrations and human rights, on the European Union as a lab for supranational democracy.

Panellists arrive from the US, Australia, Russia, Israel, UK, Nederland, Germany, Poland, Belgium and, of course, Italy. Attendees will come from many different places as well.


April 26


Rettorato, Piazza Tancredi

h.8  Opening of the Registration of participants


h9.15 Greetings


Major of Lecce

Head of Department of Legal Sciences

h.9.30 Introduction to the conference:  (Italian/English)

Susanna Cafaro: Supranational Politics: the Time Has Come


Seminario, Piazza Duomo (English, Italian translation)

 h.10.30 Session I -EVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVES ON DEMOCRACY. From the Local to the Global Dimension

 Chair: Ferdinando Boero (Università del Salento)?

– Nick Duffell (psychotherapist and psychohistorian, London.)

The Identity Block. Why initiatives towards supranational democracy and governance must incorporate a depth-psychological perspective if they are to succeed.

-Charis Edenhofer (founder Uniting Cultures and We are One, Nijmegen)

Peace – a consciousness evolution.

– Myra Jackson (UN Permanent Representative and Focal Point on Climate Change, Diplomat of the Biosphere, Washington DC)

Toward a Whole Earth Civics: Perturbations from a Changing Planet

– Sarah Hautzinger (Anthropology Department, Colorado College)

Mobilizing for Resiliency in the Face of Climate Change: The Global in Local Dialogue

Planned interventions:

– Stefano Grasso (MSc in Plant and Animal Biotechnology – Udine University)

Educated democracy: creating the tools for an aware democratic system


Open Debate


Round Table I (co-hosted by UNHRD and UNGSC):

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the contribution of UNHRD and UNGSC

-Marta Laurienzo (UNHRD Brindisi Manager & Deputy Network Coordinator WFP-UNHRD)

How UNHRD anticipated the key role of partnership for the goals

– Jacqueline Amoko, Chief Environmental Unit, UNGSC

The environmental strategy for the Peacekeeping Missions


h.13.30 Light Lunch


Seminario, Piazza Duomo (English, Italian translation)


Chair Susanna Cafaro.

h.15. Keynote Speech

Joe McCannon (co-founder The Billions Institute, Shared Nation, Boston)

Shared Nation: An Experiment in Global Democracy


h.15.30 Round Table II New Paths for Global Interaction

Chair:  Giuseppe Gioffredi (Università del Salento)

-Giammichele De Maio (Snr. Food Security Officer – CFS Secretariat)

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS): an inclusive platform to tackle global complexities.

-Joseph Robertson (Global Strategy Director, Citizens Climate Lobby, US)

The Talanoa Dialogue as a First Step in Supranational Democracy

-Dena Freeman (Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science)

The Regulation of Transnational Corporations: What Role for Supra-National Democracy?

Open Debate



h.16.40 Coffee break


h.17     Round Table III Suggestions for a Reform


Chair Saverio Di Benedetto (Università del Salento)

– Chris Hammer (Secretary, World Citizens Association (Australia), Honorary Associate Professor, School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Australia.)

A World Community of Democratic Nations

-Oded Gilad (Director One World, Movement for Global Democracy)

The Climate Imperative

-John Bunzl  (businessman, coauthor “The SIMPOL Solution)

Why global agreements are more likely to solve global challenges than global democracy

Open Debate


  1. 19 Officine culturali Ergot, Piazzetta Falconieri (Italian only)

Tavola rotonda organizzata dalla fondazione “Lavoro per la persona”

Lavoro e cultura come strumento di democrazia: pratiche di inclusione

Coordina: Avv Mauro Spedicati

Con la partecipazione di: Antonella Agnoli, Luciana Delle Donne, Giorgio Tintino, Materahub


h.21 Gala Dinner


April 27


Sala Consiliare della Provincia, Palazzo dei Celestini, Via Umberto I (English, Italian translation)


chair: Luigi Nuzzo (Università del Salento)

– Attilio Pisanò (Università del Salento)

Borders and migrations: a challenge for human rights

-Eirikur Bergman (Bifrost University)

Anti-immigrant conspiracy theories of right-wing nationalist populists in Europe – and how to respond to them

-Izabela & Peter Schiffauer (Wroclaw Business University, Hagen University)

Refugee Protection, Political Asylum and Economic Migration: Subject to democratic contingency?

Open Debate


h.11 Coffee break


-Yannis Papageorgiou (Associate Professor Dept. of Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.)

Overcoming the ‘refugee crisis’ debate -a single European refugee status

– Yvonne Forsen (Deputy Head of WFP Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Unit)

Global analysis of food crises: mapping the needs, enhancing resiliency.

Planned Interventions:

– Alina Szabo (PhD  Lecturer at Law Faculty, George Bacovia University of Bacau, Romania)

National Security as a Ground to Refuse Asylum and Refugee Protection. The Romanian Experience

– Anna Iermano (PhD Università di Salerno) , Valeria Tevere (PhD Candidate Università di Salerno)

Homosexual Refugees and Multiple Discriminations

Open Debate


h.13 Light Lunch




Chair Susanna Cafaro (Università del Salento)

– Daniel Goldman (Senior Advisor and Senior Counsel, Syntax LLC; USA), Gabriella Capone (JD/MBA Candidate, Yale University; The Governance Lab at New York University; USA), Diana McKeage (MBA Candidate, Columbia Business School; BlocPower, PASSNYC, Khan Foundation; USA)

Data-driven distributed governance: an ecosystems approach

 Luigi Sammartino (PhD. University of Bologna)

Participation of Civil Society in Sustainable Development and Fair Trade: A New Frontier for International Cooperation

-Andrea Spedicati(co-founder and CEO of AR Dream – Italy)

The IV Industrial Revolution and its technologies: a global challenge

Planned Interventions

– Maria Augusta Fioruzzi (CEO and founding partner of De Simone & Partners SpA, Rome, Italy), Domenico De Marinis (Adjunct Professor of Fashion Law and Intellectual Property Law at UNINT, Rome, Italy – Lawyer at De Simone & Partners SpA, Rome,Italy), Sara Cavagnero (Humanitarian Diplomacy Office, Italian Red Cross, Rome,Italy)

Behind the label: rethinking sustainability in the fashion industry

– Rosa Stella De Fazio (PhD University of Naples)

“The International Protection of Human Rights in Transnational Businesses Activities”

Open Debate


h.16.30 Coffee break



Chair Daniele De Luca (Università del Salento)

– Oleg Volgin (Professor, Department of State Governance and Law, Moscow Institute of International Relations, MGIMO University).

The Supranational Democracy and the Public Will

– Fabio Masini (Professor, Dept. Of Political Sciences, Università Roma 3)

Imagining Multilevel democratic economic governance?

– Diletta De Cicco (Legal Consultant – Brussels),  Mario Pagano (PhD Candidate European University Institute)

Public interest litigation before European courts: a light at the end of the tunnel?

Planned Interventions

-Federico Bonomi (Student, IUSS and University of Pavia. Representative of RIASISSU, the association of Italian excellence schools)

Supranational Environmental Policies in Europe

Open Debate



Officine Cantelmo

Apulian Wine and Food Excellence Party

Presentation of the conclusions: the Supranational Democracy Manifesto

Presentation of Unisalento

Music & Wine





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