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Susanna Cafaro is full professor of European Union Law in the Law Faculty of the University of Salento (Lecce, Italy) – where she has also taught international law and law of international organizations – but she is interested in European integration since she was a teenager, as an activist in the Young European federalists.

She is also a founding member of the think tank The Group of Lecce for fair global governance, a member of the Bretton Woods Committee and of several academic associations in the field of European and international law.



Author and editor of numerous books and more than 50 scholarly journal articles and book chapters about the EU, European economic and monetary union, EU external relations, IMF & World Bank governance and functioning, Euro-Mediterranean relations.

She is a fervent supporter of multilateralism and of supranational democracy, whose formula has yet to be invented…well, she is working on it and would love to involve in this mission all the global citizens aware of this lack and willing to contribute.

You can find her on LinkedinTwitterAcademia.

To know her a bit more, you can read her post “A Very Personal Journey“.

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