Supranational Democracy Dialogue. 2nd Edition

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 A Dialogue among Scholars, Civil Society and Creative Thinkers on Democratic Solutions to Global Challenges


The University of Salento and the Jean Monnet Chair “Legal Theory of European Integration: a Supranational Democracy Model?” will host the second edition of the Supranational Democracy Dialogue, to be held in Brindisi on April 16-17 2020.

Building on the success of the first edition, -with more than 30 panelists from 12 Countries and 4 Continents – the Organizing Committee shall host an even broader and more diverse conference gathering scholars, thinkers, representatives of institutions and civil society to discuss with an open mind the main issues faced by the mankind and their possible solutions in terms of governance and civic participation at all levels.

The focus will be on the political, cultural and social dimensions beyond the State, overcoming the existing structure of power and the competitive model of a divided planet.

Special attention will be dedicated to the European Union – as the first experiment of democracy beyond the State – and to the existing global institutions which, in spite of all their shortcomings inherent in the intergovernmental cooperation, set great targets such as peace and security, respect of fundamental rights and sustainable development goals.

The proposed abstract should fall within one of the following three topics:

  • Is the European Union a supranational democracy? If not, what is missing? How could it be improved (through which reforms /additions)? Is the continental dimension of the Union responding to the needs of citizens? How could the EU better fit in the (existing or improved) frame for global governance?
  • Are global institutions democratic? If not, how could they become democratic or more democratic? Is supranational democratic governance possible? How representative democracy could work at the global level? How could participatory democracy work? Are there possible different democratic models fitting the global dimension?
  • Can you present a case study of governance or policy showing supranational and democratic features at European or at the global level? It can be a real one or a realistic proposal (‘de iure condito‘ or ‘de iure condendo’)

The ideal contribution is a creative proposal for improving the existing legal, political and societal frameworks: the conference is intended as interdisciplinary and multicultural, aimed at enriching the current debate on global governance as well as at spreading awareness on the need for innovative and shared solutions to global issues. Original and unconventional ideas are welcome.

The abstract (max 500 words), together with a bio note (max 300 words), may be sent before January 10, 2020, at the e-mail address  Anybody interested to attend the conference and willing to be informed about the final program may send an e-mail to the same address.



The first edition (Lecce – April 26-27, 2018) was a great success. More than thirty panelists from Europe, US and Australia, two full days of debates, a final Manifesto (below) and a documentary film

For the program and abstract


Manifesto for supranational democracy final


SDD reading the manifesto