Supranational Democracy Dialogue

MW 2.10

1st edition, Lecce – April 26-27, 2018


Open Call for Papers

Supranational Democracy

A Dialogue among Scholars, Civil Society and Creative Thinkers on Global Democratic Solutions to Global Challenges


The University of Salento will host a two-day event – the first of its kind – aimed at bringing together scholars of any background, NGO leaders, political activists, businessmen and all sort of innovative thinkers to discuss the big challenges that humanity is currently facing.

The event originates from the awareness that the most relevant political issues, nowadays, are – for size and complexity – out of reach of national states and need global solutions, after open inclusive debates.

Moreover, the unprecedented interconnectedness of the human family – together with the current level of technological development – has created virtual spaces where ideas can be exchanged and new democratic tools can be tested.

The conference will cover all this: it will run for two full days, including four thematic workshops, side events and networking gatherings all over the baroque city center of Lecce.

All those who are willing to contribute are invited to send their abstract by February 10, 2018, addressing one of the following topics:

  1. International migration policy and refugee protection;
  2. Consequences and effects of climate change;
  3. Fair-trade and sustainable development;
  4. Impact of innovation and disruptive technologies.

We also welcome submissions laying at the intersections of two or more topics (e.g. cross-cutting themes such as governance, inequality, transparency, etc.) or with a wider focus, including a case study analysis covering one of the four topics listed above.

The ideal contribution does not offer a mere factual and/or analytical approach but encompasses a proposal addressing the main issues at stake in some democratic original way, yet feasible, with a view on enriching the debate on supranational democracy.

Those who will not be able to attend may inform the Organizing Committee of their intention by the same deadline and send the final contribution in a poster format (as a poster). Posters will be displayed in the location of all workshops and events.

Kindly send your abstract (max 500 words), including a short bio (max 300 words) to the following e-mail address: Register if you wish to attend or in case you would like to be informed about the final program filling the form below or by sending an e-mail to the same address.

Proceedings will be published. A final Manifesto will be released.


Scientific Coordinators: Susanna Cafaro, Saverio Di Benedetto

Organizing Committee: Simone De Michele, Giuseppe Gioffredi, Francesca Leucci, Claudia Morini, Silvia Solidoro, Mauro Spedicati, Andrea Starace.



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