The Debate Is Open!

We all know which global challenges and concerns the world faces today.

Unfortunately, the international community lacks of adequate tools to manage all this.

All those who think that global citizens – as we all are- should do something will find a place for discussion in a Linkedin Group named Supranational Democracy.

it is a space to reflect and discuss – frankly and openly- about what to do and where to start from.

I think that possible solutions for a democratic globalization have to be intercultural and interdisciplinary.
Among the topics that we could discuss there there are: global governance; protection of human rights and development of civil and political rights at supranational level; digital democracy; innovative and creative governance; role of civil society and ways to raise awareness about the global dimension … and this is maybe just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s an open group: feel free to join, to invite new members, to contribute to discussions and suggest new topics for discussion… or even to watch what’s going on without joining.

You are very welcome!


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  1. Jaap Verraes · September 4, 2019

    Dear Susanna, great to read your elegant blog. I cannot open the LinkedIn Group link to supranational democracy.

    In essence, time and time again, Europe, its supranationality, the integrative advances were results of the respected and obeyed jurisprudence of the ECJ. Why? because it draws the logical consequences of the “raison d’être” of the institution. EU policy-making is the battle of particular interests and the truce of the compromise. Only the Court embodies the spirit of the Treaties. Supranational democracy cannot do without such respected and obeyed supranational arbiter.

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