A Real Dialogue, in Lecce, April 26-27

I am glad to inform you that the debate over supranational democracy is going to get real, or, I should say, to find its place into the real world.

The University of Salento will host it, as a two-day event – the first of its kind – aimed at bringing together scholars of any background, NGO leaders, political activists, businessmen and all sort of innovative thinkers to discuss the big challenges that humanity is currently facing.

It is planned as a conference, but it could become a festival along the way: with debates, side events and network gatherings all scattered around in the baroque center of our beautiful town.


The conference call is here and, if you are willing to contribute, you are invited to send an abstract by February 10, addressing one of the following topics:

  1. International migration policy and refugee protection;
  2. Consequences and effects of climate change;
  3. Fair-trade and sustainable development;
  4. Impact of innovation and disruptive technologies.

The topic is something more than a case study. Yet, the ideal contribution does not address it in some analytical way but offers a solution to manage it in some democratic original way, yet feasible.

You could also take this opportunity to visit Lecce (Apulia), listen to innovative perspectives on global issues and meet thinkers and game-changers from all over the world.

I am looking forward to meeting you in Lecce!



PS We also welcome support and sponsors, any little amount will be much appreciated:



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